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I have taken on a new project! 🙂     This is always a dangerous idea for one so scatter-brained as myself…

Anyhoo…I’ve been watching a few K-Dramas lately ( That’s Korean TV Dramas for those who are ignorant ) and reading the wonderful blog at and have now decided to put two of my favorite things together! Using my account at, I have begun to style outfits appearing in my favorite k-dramas! I’m starting with 1% of Anything, which happens to #1 in the alphabetical list of K-dramas at

So here’s the first outfit…it’s less detailed than my other ones, so I may edit it on Polyvore and then repost it here.

This is Kim Da-Hyung’s outfit from the opening of episode 1, where she meets president Lee Ku-chol (aka: “harabadji”)



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I just organized 3 boxes of Christmas ornaments, decorations, and paraphernalia…I feel funny.
Lee ❤

New Favorite Video Game…this happens about once every couple of months…

July 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted anything! gah! It’s just that, for a while, I had absolutely nothing to say, and then after that, I got super busy…

But, I would like to now share a revelation I received.

I go to the library a lot–in fact, I frequent three libraries in the area…the small library in town that has no books but will ship in books from other libraries (yay!), the medium-sized library with decent selection that’s about a ten minute drive, and the fairly large library with great selection that’s 45 minutes away…ugh…I guess I could go all the way downtown to the Grand Rapids main branch…but I would probably get lost…o.O

Anyway, during each of my many forays to the library, I always check the video game selection…and one day last month, I struck gold!

I happened upon a game that I had heard of, but never played before: Okami. Released by Capcom for PS2, this is definitely my new favorite game! I’d seen it played before…as my best friend’s brother is pretty much the video game captain of the world!

The most interesting feature of this game is its utter Japanese-ness. The entire plot is based on Japanese legends and folktales, and the art style is not that of  normal video games–it looks as if it has been done in traditional Japanese brush painting. The artwork can, however be a little trippy…especially when you stand close to a wall and notice that the shadows are moving!

The fighting and problem solving is unique, too. While you can still fight with button-mashing (haha…I do that all the time), you also need to use a paintbrush! By making different brushstrokes across the screen, you can perform different tasks and attacks. For example:

Using Vine, you can travel from one place to another via flower blossoms.


Power Slash enables you to cut through enemies and objects in your way.

Waterlily lets you cross water without drowning…always a good thing.


This is one of the most visually beautiful and inspiring games I have ever seen! Even the enemies are cool-looking!

Unfortunately my dad took away the ps2 because my room was a mess, and I was too lazy to clean it up…so Okami went back to the library before I could finish playing it. If I ever see it at GameStop, I will not hesitate to purchase a copy for myself!

Lee ❤

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