get that look: personal preference~ jeon jin-ho 1.1

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get that look: personal preference~ jeon jin-ho 1.1


i hate that i need money

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someday, when i get a computer that doesn’t take half an hour to load every page and hopefully has a wireless mouse…i will have much more motivation to get back into the online world~~ especially polyvore and tumblr. but when your technology hates you, working online isn’t quite as much fun…

as you may have discovered through my previous posts, i will be studying abroad in south korea this fall~ but money is a huge issue for me right now…i’m trying to figure out how i’m going to pay for all the incidentals i need to purchase (not to mention paying my dad back for the plane tickets, which he put on his credit card…o____O) said incidentals include but are not limited to…new luggage (large rolling suitcase x2), new laptop computer/netbook, bedding to be purchased upon my arrival in korea, textbooks, food (my meal plan only includes 45 meals per month), various articles of winter clothing because there’s no way i’m packing all that crap, and hopefully a new camera. like a nice one. i’m really hoping that someone will just let me borrow one for six months, but like that’s going to happen…

i’m really sick of writing these text-only blog posts…and everyone’s probably sick of reading them…i want to take pictures to document what happens during my day…i really want to be able to write a study-abroad blog for my school website too…or a column for the newspaper~ but that would be really dumb if i don’t have any pictures to go with it…

so i’m trying to think of ways to make some extra cash…

but nothing’s coming to me…

i think what i’ll probably end up doing is gathering all the clothes i don’t wear anymore and taking them to plato’s closet and reselling them…they might give me like $50-100 bucks for the whole thing TT^TT which is not nearly enough TT^TT

wouldn’t it be cool if i could just simply write a bestselling novel in the course of the next three weeks~? but while my writing skills are decent, my plotting skills and discipline skills are certainly not…i always get bored in the middle of things~

so…i’m taking donations~~ if you want to give even a penny i would not turn up my nose at it~~ i just need some cash, thanks~


Lee ❤

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dear wordpress world~

i wish i could tell you that my life was interesting~

and i mean, it kind of is~~

after all, how many college students get to spend their summer on an island whose main attractions are horses, fudge, bicycles, and booze~?

it’s kind of cool, right~?

but in general right now…i have nothing to blog about~~

i mean, i don’t really do anything interesting…

i sit at the front desk all day…

and then i sit downtown with my computer or a book and that’s pretty much it~

the most interesting part of my day today was waking up~~

i somehow turned my alarm off this morning and didn’t get up until half an hour after i was supposed to be at work~

not how i imagined waking up this morning~~

after that the day went pretty smoothly…

nothing really to talk about…

which is sad, when you want to be able to regularly update your blog with exciting, witty comments about life~

and as for the rest of my day…

i’m going grocery shopping~~

since i’m dying because the only food i have to eat is ramen noodles, frozen tilapia filets, and boxes of macaroni and cheese~

my friend printed off some cool, easy snack ideas that sound pretty delish, so i might buy ingredients for some of those~~

it helps that i can actually transport groceries up the hill now~~

my bike basket apparently sprouted legs and wandered off the other night~ (actually, someone stole it~ thanks~) but our maintenance guy had an extra one lying around~

i was gonna die if i didn’t get some more milk and cereal like yesterday~

after that it’s back up the hill to the apartment eat said food (i’ll prolly end up pigging all of it in like two days~) and try to work up the motivation to study Korean~ o_____O i hope this will be easier when i’m actually in Korea and not just sitting around with my silly little Korean textbook~~ TT^TT

so yeah, that’s about it…

that’s how my day works~

how about yours~?


Lee ❤


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for those who don’t know…and probably don’t care~

i shall be going to Korea in less than a month~

i cannot even begin to describe my excitement~! ^_________^

i shall be studying abroad at Handong Global University in Pohang~~

and my friend Bill is going to be there too~! ^^

the only thing that could make this adventure better is if i were able to bring my bike (which i’ve grown very attached to recently) with me on the plane~~

today i filled out my course registration form~
and my orientation application form~
and sent my visa application to my father so he can mail it to Chicago for me~~

i feel like accomplished a great deal today~

also, i sent back a netflix dvd~

and paid a speeding ticket~~

yes, friends~
the great me incurred a speeding ticket~

how did this happen, you ask~?

how did you get a speeding ticket when you live on an island with no cars~?

well, i will tell you~~

i was riding my bike merrily down a rather steep hill~

which has signs that say “do not speed…reckless riders prosecuted”~ right~?

so at the top of the hill there were a few horses and buggies and groups of pedestrians moseying~

so i was braking and going slow to avoid hitting them because people are stupid and walk in the middle of the road~

and then i got past all the people and horses and there was nothing else on the hill all the way down~

so i let go of the brake~

and get down to the bottom of the hill~

where a policeman is hiding in wait with his little radar gun~

and yells at me to pull over~

at which point i should have just pretended like i hadn’t heard him because of the headphones in my ears blasting music and just kept right on going~

but no~~

i was taught to respect the law~

and i was confused because i heard this faint voice coming to me like Jesus speaking through the clouds~

and i stopped~

and he was like “do you know how fast you were going~?” ~~

and i was like “…no…”~

and he was like “you were going over 30 miles per hour down that hill”~

and i was like “…really?!?…”~

and then he was like “do you have any identification?”

and then he proceded to write me a ticket for $110~~

that’s right~

he even told me that it’s not like i was going 30 mph the whole way down the hill~ he just said “but there was one point when you were going over 30 for a second there”~

i even cried~~

i sat there bawling my eyes out because there’s no way i have that kind of money to just give away to the police so they can have money to dry clean their uniforms~

and he was just like “well, you’re not the only one to get a ticket today…”~

guess what~~

first of all~ i don’t know about the average college student who has to use their 10-plus-year-old bicycle to get around~ but i don’t have a speedometer on my bike~

second~ there was nobody on that hill~
and if some stupid pedestrian had been braindead enough (or smashed enough) to wander out from the sidewalk into the middle of the road, there was more than plenty of time to adjust my course to avoid them~

third~ the police shouldn’t waste their time with completely unaware people like me~ they should spend their time giving tickets to people who purposely speed down the hill as fast as they can~ tucking in their heads to streamline their bodies so they can go even faster~

fourth and most significantly~~

there is no speed limit posted on that hill~


i repeat, anywhere~~

i was told by multiple people that i should go to court and contest it~

but if i do that, it goes on my permanent record~

so…i’m thinking of starting a “policemen-are-jerks” fund~

please donate so that i can have food to eat while i’m in Korea~~



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it’s too late~

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it's too late~


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how does one learn to become resilient~?
is it a long process~?
or does it just suddenly happen overnight~?
can it be taught~?
can you advise someone how to be happy~?

last night at work, everything that could possibly go wrong did~
and at one point, a man was at the front desk of the hotel where i work screaming at my coworker to the point where she was sobbing uncontrollably~
i was elsewhere at the time, putting out another fire, so i didn’t see what exactly had happened~

but all the incidents last night made me realize something~
somewhere along the way in my life, i learned how to be resilient~
sure, i get upset; i get depressed; i get genuinely angry~
but give me ten minutes, an hour, a day~
and i’m back to my normal cheerful self~~

how does one learn to do that~?
what could it have been in my life that made me realize that what i think and how i feel about myself is more important than what others think and say~?

i think i spent too long putting too much stock in the words and thoughts of others~
and now i just don’t care~
i mean i care~
but if they don’t like me, it’s their loss not mine~
i get over it and move on~
if i mess up, i apologize and try to fix my mistake~
there’s always next time~
i learn from my mistakes, and people realize that~

we took the “Clifton Strengthsfinder” test once~
it’s supposed to tell you the areas you are strongest in~ your “strengths”~
my top two strengths were “adaptability” and “positivity”~
i feel like this defines me~
i have made it almost a goal to be able to appreciate and do well in every situation~

i love life and i enjoy living it~
and i wish i had a way to share that with those around me~
to advise them to approach life with the same attitude i do~
not that it’s perfect~~
there’s a lot wrong with my outlook~
it cuts me off from deep relationships with people~
i don’t feel things as deeply as other people do~
i sometimes look at life with a “meh” attitude~

but i’m slowly learning to enjoy everything~
to seek out adventures and new experiences rather than staying the same all the time~

i just want to stay safe~
but maybe just staying safe keeps me from experiencing the fullness of life~
but i promised myself that no matter what i do with my life, i will not regret it~
i will appreciate everything~
even if i didn’t do everything i wanted to~
i will be grateful for what i have done~

i will love life~
i will be courteous to those around me~
i will work hard and do every job to the best of my ability~
i will appreciate myself and other people~
i will love being alive~
i will not regret~

how does one learn this~?
maybe just through living life~~

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