some snack discoveries made while traveling

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So, I have been sitting in the Atlanta airport for the past eight hours, and yes it has been fun (that’s a lie). However, I felt I needed to tell the world about two delicious things I discovered in my time here. The first would be freshens, delicious smoothies. I got the peach sunset…and it’s divine. Fruity and fresh and perfect.

The second interesting thing I discovered was a type of gum. A Korean gentleman sitting next to me gave me a piece while we were waiting for the line to go. It’s called Acacia Floral Chewing Gum and it tastes just like flowers! Plus it makes your breath smell really good! Definitely will be stocking up on this stuff before I leave Korea! ^^


i’m about to spread my wings and fly away~

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First of all, may I just say how very excited I am?!? I have five days left on Mackinac Island, and after that there will be just two days until I hop on a plane for my twenty-something-hour flight to Seoul! I’ve already packed up most of my stuff to go off-island. I just wish there was a way to not have to wear my own clothes for the next couple days…just mooch off somebody else or something! ^.~


I feel like my summer so far has been fairly productive, which is always a plus! I made a little bit of money (although I’ve already spent far too much of that! o_O), I gained some really fantastic phone-answering experience, and now I have something interesting to put on my resume. Not to mention that the whole Mackinac thing isn’t something everyone can say they’ve done.


I would highly recommend that college students looking for summer jobs consider working on Mackinac Island for a season. However, I would suggest they do it with a friend or two. I’m not into the whole party-hard-and-get-smashed-every-night-then-wake-up-with-a-hangover-and-still-have-to-go-into-work scene. In fact, I don’t drink at all. So it’s not really very fun to hang out with a bunch of kids who think the only way to have fun is to get wasted. It’s not fun for you and it’s certainly not fun for them. The way I see it, there is so much more to do when you’re not under the influence of alcohol…and guess what~~ you’ll remember all of it!

So if I come back to the island next summer, I definitely will want to bring some friends with me. One of my friends, Ally, would absolutely love it here. Horses, fudge shops everywhere, cute historic buildings…what’s not to love? Our little Ally with the Princess Syndrome would adore Mackinac Island. I would love it if my little sister Narlie could come too. We’d be the cool kids on the corner that everyone wishes they were friends with but can never quite work up the nerve to talk to…oh wait, I’m already that girl. No seriously, when everyone realizes I’m gone, they’re all going to be sad because I’m not hanging out on the corner pretending to study Korean and they won’t get to see me every day! 😉 Okay, so I do actually TRY to study…but it wears me out really quickly, and then I just sit there with the book and hope that I’ll absorb some of it by holding it on my lap! ^^


I think in some of my posts from now on, I will try to formalize my writing style at least a little bit. Lately, I’ve been talking in the same way I add comments to Tumblr posts and update statuses on Facebook. Bad habits. Very bad. If I ever want to write in an official way, I need to step it up a bit!

Speaking of writing officially, I made a few bucks from submitting a restaurant review to Associated Content. They even paid me upfront! I almost cried. “My writing is good enough!”

See, here’s the deal. I can write. In fact–if I may be so bold–I’m a great writer. However…I have very limited creativity. I can write so far as someone tells me WHAT to write. As long as you give me a topic or a prompt or say “Here, write about this!” I am good to go. But when I have to come up with my own topic…ugh. And in reality, I think I just need practice. But I have no real motivation to practice if there are no concrete results. No one reads my blog, no one comments. So I don’t know when I’m actually doing a legitimately good job. So any feedback is appreciated!


Anyway, I think that when I go home, I’m just going to suck it up and by the least expensive DSLR camera available. I really want to be able to include photos in my updates and post them on my Facebook for my friends and family to see and be jealous of! I have NO pictures of my time on Mackinac Island, which is really sad because the island is absolutely gorgeous. I also had a desire to take “street snaps” of tourists and write a series on island fashion. Yeah…that worked out real well.

I don’t have any pictures of myself in the last 8 months because I don’t have a camera. So I don’t have any pictures with my super-short boy hair, and I don’t have any pictures with my medium-short mushroom hair, and I don’t have any pictures with my long-short shaggy hair that I wear in a ponytail every day so that it doesn’t look ridiculous. I will have no memories of myself with short hair! TT^TT Because I don’t think I will ever chop that much off again! If I ever have the desire for a cute short hair cut, I’ll just buy a wig…for real. I want to be able to do things with my hair (curl it, braid it, put it in a cute round bun on the top of my head) and I’m sick of having to wait for it to grow out! But it would be nice to be able to look back and see what I looked like with short hair.

Sadly, that’s not a possibility since I don’t have a camera to take pictures with.

But…I’ll probably break down and just buy one. Unless someone wants to donate a camera to my cause. So if you have an extra camera lying around…just send it to Galilee Baptist Church in Saranac, Michigan with a memo that says “For the use of the cute girl who’s going to Korea~”. Thanks.

Lee ❤


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get that look: personal preference~ noh sang-joon 1.1

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get that look: personal preference~ noh sang-joon 1.1

get that look: personal preference~ han chang-ryul 1.1

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get that look: personal preference~ han chang-ryul 1.1

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