get that look: personal preference~ in-hee 1.1

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get that look: personal preference~ in-hee 1.1


get that look: personal preference~ ahjumma 1.1

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get that look: personal preference~ ahjumma 1.1


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1. my favorite new blog of the moment is A Beautiful Mess…she always posts the most lovely and inspiring tutorials~

2. something i am thankful for is having a chance to be fun and silly with my friends~

3. something that made me laugh this week was exchanging Youtube videos with my Korean tutor…he sends me clips of The Big Bang Theory and I send him classic cartoons like old-school Mickey Mouse and the Roadrunner~

4. an item that is currently on my wish list is a cape coat~ want, want, want~~

5. i am excited about getting a chance to relax at the end of the semester~ five weeks and I’ll be unleashed on Korea~~ kekeke~

6. if i were a color i would be blush…and I would change shades slightly according to my excitement level~~

7. my favorite way to spend a chilly fall day is sitting in a coffee-shop drinking hot sweet something, listening to new age jazz piano, staring out the window at falling leaves and cold people, and leisurely reading a cozy novel~~ and venturing outside for a walk (hopefully with a cute boy!) afterwards~~

what i hate more than anything is having to eat by myself…so i just don’t eat…

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woke up late today

killing myself without food

not eating alone

life is so good sometimes

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Yesterday was another really lovely day for me. I love that during this Fall Break time, I have very minimal amounts of homework, so I am very free to go out and play all day long! ^^

My new friend Victoria asked me on Thursday if I would have time on Saturday to go out and spend time together. Of course, not having any previously made plans, I immediately agreed. So we met outside the International Dorm at 2:45 and caught the 3’o’clock bus to go downtown. We had a lovely conversation during the entirety of the bus ride. She also pointed out a large park whose existence I had never heard of before. I believe the name was Haemajji (that’s my rough estimation of how it would be spelled based on her pronunciation) and in the near future, I will be asking around for more information about this magical wonderland~! She asked if I wanted to go there, and I told her that we can go together next time, since it rained in the morning and the ground was still wet.

We arrived downtown and walked a few minutes to Jukdo Market, a massive street market with tons of stuff for sale. Particularly interesting was the fish market, with so many different kinds of live fish and sea creatures. The crabs especially looked delicious~! Victoria told me that many people go to the fish market to eat raw fish…I guess that’s good if sushi is your thing! But really, it’s amazing to see the hardworking spirit of these people. Vegetables they grow themselves, fish they catch themselves; vending, selling, trading…they have a tough and can-do attitude.  Even those people who come to shop at the market–they wade through oceans of stuff to find the best deal. And even when they are buying food rather than growing and/or catching it themselves, I still can’t imagine how much they need to learn in order to cook all the different kinds of foods they eat! It makes me really want to learn how to cook things…I can make cereal, macaroni&cheese, spaghetti, chocolate chip cookies, and that’s about it. All you need for a healthy, balanced diet, right? ^.~

After wandering around the market (which goes on forever~! ^^), we were hungry, so we went to get some dinner. We went to an “American-style” buffet called Ashley’s. It was somewhat expensive, but the restaurant was so cute…like a princess castle. They had really delicious slices of cheesecake or chocolate cake~ and the chocolate ice cream tasted like the homemade ice cream my family used to make when I was a kid.

After dinner, we went to take sticker photos at a photo booth. Why don’t we have these things in America? Why?!? They’re so fun and cute~ ^^

Victoria and I took the 6:00 bus back to school and I chilled out in the dorm lounge with my Palestinian friend Dina for awhile. At 7:50, I met my friend Daeyoung at the bus stop and we rode back to downtown. Because he’s studying for an exam, I told him he should take a rest for awhile and he asked me if I’d go see a movie with him. We watched Real Steel and it was awesome! I was greatly impressed with the overall quality of the movie. The end should have had a bit more closure, but the filming, writing, and soundtrack were wonderful. Being a Communications major with a marketing minor, I was also impressed with the just-subtle-enough incidents of product placement.

After the movie, we had some time to kill until the last bus back to school, so we walked along the bike path by the ocean. Then…we couldn’t figure out where the bus stop was, so we ended up running after the bus when the stupid bus driver wouldn’t stop for us. We ended up having to catch a taxi to take us to the next bus stop. It was certainly an adventure! ^^

I then stayed up until like 3am wasting time on the aptly named And then I accidentally slept through church this morning. TT^TT

But life is still good. For sure.

Lee ❤

a FINE apple a day keeps the doctor away~~

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Yesterday was lovely, for some unknown reason. At the very least, it was quite an adventure.

I woke up at 6am. Why, you ask? Because we have a school holiday this weekend and all our Friday classes were cancelled. So my Macroeconomics professor decided that since we cannot have class on Friday, we should have a makeup class on Thursday at 7am.

So I woke up at 6am. I was rushing around in the dark trying to get ready and be quiet at the same time, as most of my roommates were still asleep. The other roommate is also in my Macroeconomics class, so she was doing basically the same thing as me. Anyway, since it would be a hassle for both of us to use the bathroom at the same time, I just decided to do my hair and makeup in the public bathroom down the hall. However, the time was fast approaching when I needed to be in class (and as the professor calls the roll precisely at the beginning of class, I was NOT going to be late!). So I started hurrying. I heard my roommate walking to the end of the hall, putting on her shoes, and starting down the stairs. I finished the final touches on my makeup and started to run back to my room to pull on my socks and pack my bag for class. However, in the process, I ran directly into the shoe cubbies.

It hurt. A lot.

In fact, it still hurts this morning and I think I am starting to develop a rather large and unsightly bruise on the front of my left thigh.

So, I limp down the hall, get all my stuff together, get my shoes on, make it down four flights of stairs and out the door, and start walking to class. The only other people around are the other Macroeconomics students. I’m running late. I’m sure I won’t make it on time! So…I must run~~

So I started running. The girl in front of me was running too, so it wasn’t a completely bizarre sight. However, I was running in heels. Granted, they’re boots with wedge heels…but they’re still a good 3 or 4 inches high. It wasn’t like it was difficult or I was about to lose my balance or anything…but I think if people had seen me they would have so been judging me. “And that’s why you don’t wear heels on a college campus, stupid blonde American.”

Anyway, long story short, I made it to class with a good minute or so to spare and found an empty seat next to my roommate who had entered about one minute before me (even though she left probably five minutes before I did!). And to (attempt to) make up for holding a makeup class at 7am, our professor brought chocopies, canned coffee, and those little yogurt drinks for everybody.

>insert really long and boring macroeconomics lecture here<

After macroeconomics class, I had Marketing. But the two Korean students who I really know showed up late. I was worried about them because even when they’re up late studying, they always show up to class. Their other friend who’s always with them didn’t come at all! I hope it was just that she went home early for the break~~ But after class, another student whom I’d met during Midterms week reintroduced herself to me. We walked to the library together, and she bought me a cup of peppermint tea at Hisbeans (one of our campus coffee shops). We talked until it was time for our next classes, and we walked to class together. It was really nice! She added me on Facebook, and we might go on an adventure together tomorrow~! ^^

In my Mass Communication Theories class, I walked in, sat down, and got out my notebook to take notes during class. Shortly thereafter, I noticed a stack of handouts on the desk by the podium. Most of the other students who were already in the classroom got up to pick up a handout. I decided to wait until after class, as the desks are always jumbled up and really difficult to find one’s way into or out of. So the student behind me got up to get his handout and brought me a copy as well. I was actually quite surprised…he always does things to help me without saying anything. Like, I always drop stuff (pencils, papers) and think, “Oh, I don’t NEED it right now, I’ll just wait until after class to get up and pick it up.” But then he always gets out of his seat and picks it up and hands it to me. The only sad thing about this scenario: he has what appears to be a couple ring on his left hand ring finger. But that’s okay, I’m just happy someone is looking out for me! ^^

After class, I decided to just buy some kimbap at the cafeteria’s take-out line, then go back to my room and eat it because my contact lenses were bothering me and I wanted to take them out. So I bought my kimbap and was headed out of the cafeteria, but stopped to chat for a bit when I spotted the Dutch students at the special menu line. They invited me to sit and eat with them, so I pulled out my kimbap and my Dr. Pepper and we had a nice meal and conversation. They invited me to their small group, and to go to Busan with them, and to attend the Michael Card seminar with them. I was really touched by their openness~!

In the evening, I went shopping with Dina and Sarina~ there is a really fascinating market just a few minutes’ walk away from the school bus station. Dina wasn’t able to get her bag fixed like she wanted, but we stopped and got some snacks on the way back. The guy who runs the snack food stall is really nice…he can’t really speak English, but he told us to go ahead and try all the snacks, and he put extra snacks in our bag! We also stopped to buy some bungeoppang (a fish-shaped cake filled with red bean paste or custard). They’re really delicious~~

We came back early so that Sarina and Dina could go to the Michael Card concert. I also thought about going, but I was so tired and didn’t really feel like sitting in a hot crowded room with tons of other people. So I came back to my room, washed my face, put on a sheet mask, then fell asleep. I went to sleep at 8pm and woke up at 9am. It was sleep gluttony.

I expect today will be good, too~! I’m meeting my Korean tutor around 1:30 downtown…we’ll go to his house to get some bikes and then go on a bike adventure. I’m not sure why, but after spending my summer on Mackinac Island, I miss my bike for real~! When my tutor e-mails me, he always writes “FINE apple.” as the subject line. I have yet to discover what a FINE apple actually is.

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