some days also don’t make you feel too good…

December 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

First of all, I’m not completely stupid.
Although I do have my moments–and sometimes I pretend I’m ignorant for my own good reasons–I’m not completely oblivious.
And even if you’re speaking a language I don’t know, and talking on the other side of the room, it’s still pretty obvious if you’re making fun of me.
Today…I was sitting in the library, minding my own business and waiting for one of my many team project meetings.
I didn’t have lunch today, so I stopped by the convenience store and picked up two small yogurts (and by small I mean roughly half the size of those usual yoplait things…) and a tangerine. This was my lunch.
In the middle of eating my first yogurt (with a tiny plastic convenience store spoon) I hear a girl’s voice from behind me saying something about “요그르트 두 장”.
First of all “yogurutu” sounds exactly like what it is in English…yogurt.
And I’m pretty sure that every foreigner that even game to visit Korea, much less stay here for five months has learned how to count to ten in Korean.
So it’s pretty obvious that you were making fun of me for eating two yogurts.
Maybe you thought I was being piggish by eating two yogurts and a tangerine for a snack.
However, that was my extremely meager attempt at a half-way nutritious lunch.

The thing I really hate about not speaking much Korean is that I feel suspicious all the time.
I’m sure people make fun of me a lot more than I realize.
Which makes me pretty angry, because I’m just a person too.
I speak a different language, but I have the same worries and feelings as you.
I hate having to worry about whether you’re laughing at me or just laughing.


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