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September 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Okay, so I haven’t really written an update here since I was studying at Handong, and so much has happened since then that I feel I simply must share with you! ^^

After finishing up my semester at Handong, I moved to Mokpo for about a month. I lived on my own in an Offictel (small single-room apartment) for about 2 weeks and then I did homestay with another Grace College for another 2 weeks. During the time I was alone, I helped with planning for EM (English Ministry) Camp at Yangdong Jeil Church. Then about 10 students from Grace joined us to work as English teachers for camp, which was so much fun! I got to see many of my students from last year and meet new students as well!

After EM Camp, I came home and went straight back to classes at Grace. I worked really hard all semester and ended up making the Honors list (I was only on it for my first and last semesters at Grace, haha~). I graduated in May and came home to look for temporary work. I still haven’t found any. >______< Although I may be able to do some substitute teaching if my application ever gets processed. TT^TT

During the end of July and beginning of August, I headed back to Grace to help out with another English camp for students from Yangdong Jeil Church who came to visit America! A lot of my students came and I was so excited to see them! Another student who is the younger brother of one my friends and who I am very close with also came~~ so it was so fun to see him as well! ^^ We didn’t have any “English” classes because everything was in English. We did a lot of fun activities and had some fun mini classes — a science experiment class, a robotics class, and a fun art class! We got to take a tour of the local professional theatre (which I had been to before because my favorite professor works there!) and go tubing on the lake and have a scavenger hunt around town and have a pool party at one of the host family’s houses! We even got to tour an Amish farm and see a musical (granted…it was a really boring and rather depressing musical about Hank Williams where they just sang Hank Williams songs the entire time…we were supposed to see a musical called Plain and Fancy about Amish people, but they changed their schedule >________<). I had to leave to go home because I had a phone interview scheduled (which ended up getting postponed) but after I left the kids went to Washington, D.C. for a week! I was actually pretty jealous, because I’ve never been there! TT^TT

Anyway, I came home to do the phone interview, but it ended up getting pushed back a week. But the interview went really well and I was offered the job and accepted. Guess what the job is~! Guess~! Guess~~! ^^;; I’m going to be teaching English for a year at a hakwon (after-school academy) in Daegu~! I am so excited! XD I was supposed to be starting in November, but now they want me to come in mid/late-October. However, I have dental work scheduled for the day after I’m supposed to be there and I cannot find an open appointment between now and then! TT^TT

Okay, that’s all I have for now, I may go into more detail later~~

-Lee ^^


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